Delaware Self Defense Law Is a Use Of Deadly Force Law

In Delaware some have said that there is no delaware self defense law, well this is really arguing symantics because there most certainly is a Justification For The Use Of Deadly Force and The Use Of Force in Delaware by private citizens. Here is the law as it is written, Notice (c) in the Delaware Code:

§ 464. Justification — Use of force in self-protection.

(a) The use of force upon or toward another person is justifiable when the defendant believes that such force is immediately      necessary for the purpose of protecting the defendant against the use of unlawful force by the other person on the present      occasion.

(b) Except as otherwise provided in subsections (d) and (e) of this section, a person employing protective force may estimate      the necessity thereof under the circumstances as the person believes them to be when the force is used, without retreating,      surrendering possession, doing any other act which the person has no legal duty to do or abstaining from any lawful action.

(c) The use of deadly force is justifiable under this section if the defendant believes that such force is necessary to protect      the defendant against death, serious physical injury, kidnapping or sexual intercourse compelled by force or threat.

(d) The use of force is not justifiable under this section to resist an arrest which the defendant knows or should know is      being made by a peace officer, whether or not the arrest is lawful.

(e) The use of deadly force is not justifiable under this section if:

(1) The defendant, with the purpose of causing death or serious physical injury, provoked the use of force against the defendant      in the same encounter; or

(2) The defendant knows that the necessity of using deadly force can be avoided with complete safety by retreating, by surrendering      possession of a thing to a person asserting a claim of right thereto or by complying with a demand that the defendant abstain      from performing an act which the defendant is not legally obligated to perform except that:

a. The defendant is not obliged to retreat in or from the defendant’s dwelling; and

b. The defendant is not obliged to retreat in or from the defendant’s place of work, unless the defendant was the initial      aggressor; and

c. A public officer justified in using force in the performance of the officer’s duties, or a person justified in using force      in  assisting an officer or a person justified in using force in making an arrest or preventing an escape, need not desist      from efforts to perform the duty or make the arrest or prevent the escape because of resistance or threatened resistance by      or on behalf of the person against whom the action is directed.

11 Del. C. 1953, § 464; 58 Del. Laws, c. 497, § 1; 59 Del. Laws, c. 203, § 5; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, § 1.;

Then it goes on to describe the use of force deadly and otherwise for protection of property and also protection of other persons. Here is the link

Knowing that you have the right to loose deadly force to defend yourself in Delaware is certainly a good thing. However this does not mean that you are going to be good at it!!

To be good at self defense , I mean REALLY GOOD, check out this site:

Surviving & Overcoming A Real Street Attack

Just Yesterday one of my students came to me with a very upsetting story. Apparently he was in a McDonalds with his wife and 3 children. His wife and 2 daughters had entered the McDonalds but he and his little son were outside.

There was a walk way for pedestrians that went across the circular drive through and his little boy only 7 and very short starting walking to the door. As he did a maniac in a truck started BACKING UP in the drive through at about 25 miles a hour!!

My student had to scream, stop, stop and THROW HIS BODY between his son and the oncoming truck. This person stopped with only inches to spar his son’s life. PRAISE GOD FOR THAT.

Then this person got out of the truck to actually complain to my student, he asked in a very angry tone “Whats going on” and my student replied “You almost killed my son!!”, to this the person said “Well your son should’nt have been there” and made a threatening posture towards my student.

HUMAN ANIMALS like this moron who have no remorse in hurting the most innocent child are out there. They are indeed cowards so when they attack they will attack because they feel they have an advantage.

YOU MUST QUICKLY REVEAL TO THEM THEY DO NOT. Obviously my student could have made a case for fearing for his life and defended himself but he was able to walk away as this coward proceeded to SLANDER HIM even more. If however this punk had pursued him into the store he then would have had to react.

My student was blessed this time and may I say to his credit he even prayed for this person after such a shamless act. I know God will bless him for that.

Yet we have to remember that these souless fools are out there and sometimes we will not have the option to walk away. Another student of mine (who was new and not yet trained) a young lady in our local High School was walking out of school when this animal (another girl) grabbed her by the hair from behind and proceeded to beat her over and over again FILIMING IT FOR YOU TUBE!!

This young girl took several shots to the head and because she was not yet trained in how to react when someone grabs you by the hair, she did not know how to deal with the situation. After the beating this young girl was terribly shamed and the coward who attacked her from behind posted everything on you tube like she was some hero. I am sad to say that the young lady who was the victim did not ever go back to that school as she was not encouraged to deal with the negative slander to face this person and the event, but instead shut down terribly.

Her attacker was a heavy set girl with a lot of hate in her heart who was known for violence but her methods of attack where always the most cowardly seeking to grab a hold or strike a person when they were completely unaware.

The fact is that the young lady who was a victim really was capable of kicking this other girls butt, yet she never was encouraged to rise back up, get back on the horse and face this person.

Remember this, this is how cowards attack. They do not stand face to face often and if they do they will only attack if they feel an advantage or should I say a WEAKNESS. Train yourself now NEVER to show weakness, even it is a lie if it is perserved evil people will react with instinct to attack.

That’s right weakness, perceived or real will ignite the instinct of those who are truly evil with hearts filled with hate to attack. Remember that, so how do we train ourselves now not to project this?

CALL ME 302-743-3115, THAT IS WHAT I DO. I have dealt with evil people before too and I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt or even compassion but to their foolish eyes this was perceived only as weakness and it invited these cowards to become aggressive. Once doing so the REALITY of me quickly revealed to them they were wrong  but much conflict could have avoided if I had not given the wrong impression to begin with.

We are facing very bad times ahead, the dollar collasping, hyperinflation and there are people in our society who are really evil with an immense amount of hatred and malice in their hearts. So no matter how much Doomsday Prepping you do if you have not prepared your “Battle Sense”, “Warrior Instinct” & “Fight Drive” you will be at a terrible loss, no matter what weapons or techniques you think you have.

The Fire Of The Fight is like nothing else. To experience the fury of a vile, hate filled, human animal baragging you over and over again from a position of advantage or even hurting your children. Remember cowards are more dangerous than Brave Men. Brave men have honor, cowards do not. They attack only from behind, unseen or when they think they have a distinct advantage, even to hurt children.

So we must train now not only to protect ourselves but also to protect our precious children and those who are weaker than ourselves. Call me or check out my web site at

Allen J. Sachetti

Do Christians Have The Right To Defend Themselves

The short answer is YES, there are many, many scriptures which speak of this. Of course our main purpose is to Love and Spread The Truth but if we or our loved ones are being directly threatened of course instinctively and immediately we have the right to defend ourselves.

“Blessed Be The Lord My Rock Who Trains My Hands For War My Fingers For Battle” – Psalm 144

This speaks of war of course but there are also many scriptures that speak about not allowing people to harm you or your loved ones and that in fact it is your duty to defend yourself.

Surely being confronted by a vile, evil human being who has no regard for you whatsoever and has no relunctance in attempting to harm you is a very bad experience. You cannot hesitate in this situation to defend your life.

As Christians truly there is nothing better than having Christ in our heart, walking in love, walking in faith and then to face people who are animals is a hard thing. So what does Christ say? I am going to pray about this more and make a post later.

If You Prep Food, Water & Ammo – Don’t Forget Instinct, Will & Drive

Watching Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo I always see people prepping with Food, Water, Ammo, Medical stuff ect. but there is no one providing the avid Prepper a proper Self Defense Prep.

The Survival Fighting Axiom means the “Truth Of What Works” in Real Fighting and the first thing it cultivates in you is Proper INSTINCT, WILL & DRIVE. Each of these are actually different and SFA enables these important attributes very well.

Instinct – is your reactions at the moment of the attack. Will are your decisions during the attack or in spite of the attack. Drive is your Spirit to continue before, during and after the attack. SFA cultivates them all.

You see without these 3 attributes not amount of technique or coniditioning will enable a person to truly prevail in a life threatening situation. The worse thing is so many people think they already have them, in fact the person shouting the loudest about how tough he or she is or how much drive they have is usually the one with the least.

The fact is that Instinct, Will and Drive need to be nutured and cultivated like anything else and if you are not spending time doing this, then you won’t be ready when your family needs you or you won’t be as ready and that can be just as worse.

The bottom line is overcoming your attacker, winning, surpressing him and stopping his or her evil assault completely to eliminate any threat to you or your family in the middle of the Fire. Meaning the middle of the attack, the middle of the assault, when you are under fire. If you are not putting yourself in this enviorment ahead of time you cannot say what your instincts will be.

Women Self Defense – SFA is a Unique Self Defense Course For Women

Women Self Defense –  Fighting Axiom

SFA The Survival Fighting Axiom probably provides the best Self Defense course for women who do not have a lot of time to devote to their training. I say “Best” because it is the most comprehensive and effective in that it takes you through a variety of experiences standing, sitting, kneeling, laying in different enviorments and it uses only the most effective techniques that will work for you even if the attacker is much bigger and stronger.

Plus SFA really provides you the Instinct & Spirit you need to deal with real attack situations but putting you through the experiences before hand. You learn right away what it feels like and then you see what works and what does’nt.

The techniques they teach you are AMAZING and if you can practice them againg and again. I wish I did SFA a long time ago!!

Debra Valdez

The Right Self Defense For Serious Doomsday Preppers

SFA / The Survival Fighting Axiom is a Unique Principle Based Process that enables individuals with absolutely the most viable and effective self defense on the planet. It accomplishes this by taking students through different threat situations while at the same time providing them with the proper combat solutions they need to overcome and conquer these threats.

The Survival Fighting Axiom begins by enabling you with Instinct, Technique & Condtioning. Instinct is curical as SFA hones yours in the actual experience itself. The Technique is only the most effective, combat proven material taken from a life time of study and the Conditioning process is superb, taking even the worst out of shape person to develop them at their own pace but never giving up.

SFA is designed specifically for the Doomsday Prepper as it entertains only fighting for your life. “Survival” is the focus against single attackers, multiple attackers, armed and unarmed in a variety of different enviormental and situation circumstances.

A truly Elite Experience SFA fits right into the Doomsday Preppers agenda and can accomidate any scenario an avid Prepper can imagine. Fighting in a bunker, close quarters kinves & edged weapons, a gang of people determined to steal your preps or armed Military Incursions. All is covered practically and effectively in the Axiom.

SFA Training can now be had by individuals or groups directly from it’s founder Mr. Allen J. Sachetti in weekend seminars, private lessons and longer Training Camps. SFA is only about the results we can develop in people while there is still time to prepare.

Check it out at

Or Call Mr. Sachetti direct at 302-743-3115

A lifetime of study and experience with a singular drive to “Learn What Works” in real life conflicts against all types of threats in all circumstances and enviorments is what led Mr. Allen J. Sachetti to create SFA.

Mr. Sachetti began his career training in a variety of Martial Arts in the 80’s but in 1991 he had the blessing to begin his training in Pekiti-Tirsia directly under Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje where he achieved the rank of Mandala. In 1994 Mr. Sachetti began learning BJJ from the legendary Rickson Gracie. Throughout the 90’s he continued with numerous Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and other instructors as he pursued fighting in NHB & Vale Tudo competitons before it was ever called MMA.

Spending a lifetime in combat sports was fun but Mr. Sachetti always came back to his Pekiti-Tirsia roots and it’s stressing of only training for Combat or Survival Fighting. Then in 2009 He began training in KFM with Justo Dieguez and Andy Norman to become their business partner in the United States with a company called KFM-SBS where Mr. Sachetti was charged with running KFM in the US. While Mr. Sachetti speaks very well of KFM he went to leave the organization in 2011 and pursue his own training ideas which went beyond many of the things he was previously doing.

The focus for Allen Sachetti was always “What Works Best” in all situations. Surely a large bill to fill but he pursued it relentlessly. So finally in 2012 after a lifetime of study, training and application he created SFA. The Survival Fighting Axiom which is not a Martial Art but in fact a Principle Based Process designed only to enable students with the results of Courage, Confidence and Capability.

The SFA process can help improve any Martial Art but it goes far beyond a system of study as it enables you with a in depth understanding of real fighting & battlefield combat.

For those without experience it gives them an understanding into a world they would otherwise have no clue of. Those with combat or fighting experience find it amazing as it rings true to what they know and goes even beyond to provide more than they expected.

Doomsday Preppers Need SFA

If you are a Doomsday Prepper and you spend thousands of dollars for numerous preps like freeze dried food, ammo, firearms, portable tolilets, medical supplies, ect and you DO NOT train your Survival Fighting Instinct, then you have just bought all of those preps for someone else.

Because in a legitimate Doomsday Prepper situation like an EMP, Hyper Inflation, Natural Disasters, Gang Violence, Urban Threats or others YOU WILL BE ATTACKED FOR YOUR PREPS. Especially those who advertise how much they are storing on the TV Show Doomsday Preppers. No offense I love the show, but lets face it there are a lot of people watching.

So if you are a Doomsday Prepper and you are one day attacked for your preps, then all of your preps depend on your INSTINCT at the moment of that attack. That’s right, all you have are your instincts at the moment of the attack and you better be ready.

SFA, The Survival Fighting Axiom is all about this. Developing and maintaining the Instinct, Techniques and Conditioning you need to Fight Back and Defeat threats from evil, human animals who spend their whole lives cultivating hate and unfortunately the instinct and drive to kill in order to take what they want.

If you watch the popular TV Show “Gangland” each week they show so many different street gangs and one thing they all have in common is that all gang members are willing to die for their colors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they cultivate that Instinct. To die before they will give up.

When you are facing evil human animals with that kind of drive and instinct cultivation you MUST be ready and YOU CAN BE. SFA can cultivate in you the Instinct, Technique and Conditioning you need to Fight Back and stop threats like this.

You cannot be a proper Doomsday Prepper and prep for food, weapons, medicine, water and everything else and forget your Instinct? Even if you have weapons but you are not right in your instinct then you will hesitate or not react the right way at the moment of truth and this cannot be. Your children and your family are too precious to loose them because you faced a group of gang members with higher motivation and instinct cultivation.

Soon SFA will be coming to the web with the first of 7 Specific Videos designed to help good, moral people cultivate the Instinct, Technique and Conditioning they need to be True Warriors and ready to protect themselves and their families. It will be at

In the mean time you can read about sfa at

or call the SFA Founder Mr. Allen J. Sachetti at 302-743-3115 and you can learn directly from the creator of SFA. He is available for Seminars & Private Lessons and he teaches classes at Dauntless Martial Arts in Smyrna Delaware.


Real Self Defense Works When You Are Being Attacked

Real Self Defense

Don’t worry about how many techniques you think you know but start thinking of what the real threats are? How could you be attacked and by how many attackers, in how many different situations?

This will get you looking at attacks but it will not exactly tell you how you will feel when you experience them. The Survival Fighting Axiom allows you to spend quality time in this enviorment while you are instilled with the proper Insticts to react with the proper techniques that work to disable each attack.

Single Assailants attacking

SFA Experiences consist of Single Assailants attacking with Striking, Grappling, Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, Pistols and Mulitple Assailants attacking with Striking, Grabbing to Strike or Restraining to Abduct.

These real life threat experiences are the most common and prevelant. Therefore they deserve most of your time instead of doing Katas, Forms or traditional routines that do not take you through the actual experience of what you are most likely to face in a genuine self defense situation.

If you are looking for a truly viable self defense then call SFA Founder Allen J. Sachetti at 302-743-3115 for some very unique training. He works out of Newark Delaware and also teaches classes at Dauntless Martial Arts in Smyrna Delaware.

Whats The Difference Between Combat Sports & Survival Fighting

Combat Sports and Survival Fighting

These 2 terms are used to describe an important difference in Martial Arts today. Combat Sports have rules, weight classes and usually referees. They are practiced only with a certain body of techniques allowed and have other techniques that are illeagal. While Combat Sports practicioners can certainly train hard and challenge themselves they are restricted within certain perameters and safety measures in place to keep opponents from truly harming or finishing each other beyond recovery.

Survival Fighting is when you must fight for your life. In other words if you stop fighting or fail to use techniques that will disable and damage your opponent severely enough to stop them from fighting that you will die.

Survival Fighting is what you need for Self Defense. It cultivates the Warrior Instinct, Proper Techniques And Physical Conditioning that you need to actually be ready when you are attacked. Unfortunately in this world the question is not if you can be attacked but when.

Instinct is how you react at the moment of the attack. Everyone thinks they will react a certain way but the truth is you are never ready and you asking to imagine how you will reaction to something that will most likely be a complete surprise and could be causing more damage or pain than you have experienced before.

Technique is something that requires time. People who are introduced to a Technique and know it exists have Knowledge of it. Persons who have practiced it for a period time may gain some proficiency but only persons who have done a technique so much that it is part of their being will they reach the level of Precision.

Conditioning is a life style that must be maintained. Endurance, Speed, Strength and other physical attributes can be developed seperately outside of technique but developing them with Technique Specific Conditioning Drills makes sure you have the Shape you need to PERFORM when you need to.

These are the things I believe in Instinct, Technique and Conditioning. That is why I have spent my life time to develop the Survival Fighting Axiom which is not a Martial Art but a Process that takes you through Threat Experiences until you develop a competent performance ability.

– Allen J. Sachetti