Self Defense – The Most Important Thing that Need to be Addressed

The best techniques for Self Defense

There are many Martial Arts, Combat Sports, Fighting Methods and Training Systems out there all trying to profess that they have the best techniques for Self Defense and that they will work in real life situations.

However there is one aspect of Self Defense and in fact the most important aspect that none of them address. This aspect

Most people can execute or imagine techniques to be performed in a variety of situations but “the Truth is that you cannot swim unless you are in the water”.

So what does that mean? In real attacks you can very quickly experience a stress level that you have NEVER experienced before and unless you have been in this stress level before and have been trained to fight while you are in it, well it may be harder to do than you think.

By stress level I mean:

#1 – Imagine you are being hit in the head again, again and again. Just pounding, sharp blows hitting you over and over again.

#2 – Imagine yourself being slashed and stabbed over and over again. Slashes across your arms, legs and face, thrusts to you stomach & mid section.

#3 – Imagine 3 evil, human animals pounding on you and stomping on you while you are on the ground with the 3 of them hammering you from above.

These are just a few of the Real Fight Stress Situations you can experience and YOU CAN BE DEVELOPED TO FIGHT BACK FROM ANY OF THESE SITUATIONS. Yes you can.

The question is not can but WILL you train now and prepare yourself or will you lie and deny that it could happen to you, will you hide and pretend you are ready?

The answer is SFA, The Survival Fighting Axiom is a unique process that will in fact take you through these experiences while it provides with Proper Instinct, Uniquely Effective Techniques and Functional Fitness levels to enable you to perform while you are in any of these high stress real fight situations.

Many people can fight when they feel good or they are starting from a very good state, but few will learn what it is like to be in a physical and mental situation that is NOT well and learn how to fight from there.

SFA does this.