Self Defense Course in Delaware The Best Available Course for You

I just finished an SFA Seminar. That stands for the Survival Fighting Axiom, an  Axiom means a Process That Reveals The Truth.

Let me tell you I have been in Martial Arts my whole life, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and more. I thought I had seen it all and that I could handle myself. I WAS WRONG.

SFA is the Bomb!! It was created by a guy named Allen J. Sachetti who has too spent his whole life in Martial Arts but even more so been involved in the application of it in the Philippines and US as a Bail Agent. Well no matter what his background he is like the Steve Jobs of Martial Arts.

You see SFA first recreates the actual threat experiences the way that you will face them on the street and then as you are in the chaos of the attack he feeds and develops you with the most amazing and effective techniques I have ever seen.

SFA is better than Boxing, BJJ, MMA or Wrestling and it can enable you to deal with Multiple Attackers, Knives and Firearms better than Krav Maga or anything else I have seen. It is truly amazing.

SFA techniques are on a different level. Mr. Sachetti has really developed something new. So that’s it for me that was my experience. My name is Phil Adamson and I love SFA.

Oh yeah the web site to learn about it is: