SFA Is The Most Effective Self Defense

The Survival Fighting Axiom (SFA) is a very unique self defense process that takes participants through the chaos of actual attacks while cultivating only the most effective, combat proven techniques for each form of violence they are experiencing.

For example in facing “SFA’s Single Attacker Striking” you experience the common strikes of street thugs, the more experienced strikes of a an expert boxer or kick boxer and even the more unusual strikes of more exotic arts as you are provided with the unique SFA Technology of “Attack The Attack” which literally gives you the ability to DESTROY all incoming strikes no matter angle they come at.

The SFA Attack The Attack Method uses something they call the “Arm Unit” to execute what they call “Target Replacement” to destroy incoming strikes. This method also works equally well against world class wrestlers if they are shooting or clinching to literally destroy their shoot or clinch before they can ever get it.

The methods that SFA uses gives you the ultimate self defense for all kinds of strikers and grapplers no matter what they use. Continuing on the Ground they also deliver this ability against even a skilled BJJ Black Belt to interrupt his game and attack his limbs and body in ways he simply cannot cope with.

So SFA stops a striker, wrestler or BJJ ground fighter. From there they then go into dealing with the blade. Here you realize quickly the true danger of the knife and the level to which you must rise mentally and physically to destroy these kind of attacks.

SFA delivers NO illusions about the knife. This course makes it very, very clear all the ways that the edged weapon can kill or mame. Understanding this first and then giving you the most practical and viable techniques that can work against the knife IF you practice them very well consistently in the SFA Method.

Facing a firearm, a pistol in your face is a very extreme challenge. SFA again makes the danger of this threat very clear. Once you understand that SFA then shows you some amazingly effective techniques that you can learn quickly against someone holding a pistol on you. Soon my confidence grew and the time shortened that I needed to react.

SFA used empty but real firearms so I got the feel of the cylinders and the slides in my hands to react very quickly. Soon I had no problem with someone sticking a gun in my face and became quite comfortable executing techniques that not only disarmed the firearm but also dealt the one who was wielding it crippling attacks.

SFA brings you into the experience of multiple attackers with 3 people striking you at once aggressively just like a gang “beat in” and then 3 people restraining you like prison guards would. WOW is all I can say, you have got to see how they teach you to deal with this. but IT WORKS. Amazing, SFA is absolutely amazing.

– Ryan Mestring