Why Your Self Defense Training Is NOT Optional – Local Attack Kills 4 Including Innocent 10 Year Old Boy

For many years I have fought and taught in the school and against real life attacks and I can tell you real life attacks are different. A real life attack from an amoral thing can be so foreign to so many people. They all think they will be fit and ready for when it happens or my favorite answer: “oh I’ll just get a gun”.
What they do not realize is the INTENT of their attacker, if the intent is evil and to sincerely kill you, they will try to strike when you are at the greatest disadvantage. If you are not PRACTICED or EXPERIENCED at fighting back from this condition, then it will be most foreign territory to you and chances are you will hesitate or react wrong.
If you, yourself cannot meet the attacker’s intent with your own equal intent to KILL HIM, then you will hesitate where HE OR SHE WILL NOT!!
This is why I started SFA and why I CULTIVATE MY KILL DRIVE when attacked!! There is a righteous, moral Kill Drive that you must cultivate backed by the RIGHT, most expeditious techniques and conditioning to do so.
The trick is to be trained to react RIGHT from a very relaxed and unsuspecting state.
I say this because of the story listed below, this just happened and it happened because the MAN IN THE HOUSE WAS NOT TRAINED. Yes, it is true when you are attacked by amoral, filth YOU MUST BE TRAINED TO REACT RIGHT TO DESTROY THEM. Sound harsh??
Well read the story below, play the video, Look at this innocent little boy and then tell me WHY YOU CAN’T TRAIN?? Sorry but this hurts me to hear such a thing


SFA – Self Defense Delaware – Teaches You How To Counter The Knock Out Game

Recently we have seen some really despicable, amoral, human scum running around doing something called the Knock Out Game. Well this is no game and it has even led to the death of some people.

Below SFA Founder Allen J. Sachetti gives you a technique that will litereally DESTROY the overhand punch of ANY attacker, but you have to train well to use it.

SFA Brings A New Kind Of Self Defense Class To Newark Delaware

SFA stands for the Survival Fighting Axiom and it is perhaps the most effective self defense process on the planet. First of all the Techniques are very different and much more functional in real life chaotic street attacks.

Secondly, (well I should have said this first) SFA breaks into your Spirit and actually increases your FIGHT DRIVE, what is Fight Drive? It is your Instincts, Will And Spirit to FIGHT BACK HARDER NO MATTER WHAT YOU RECEIVE.

SFA is amazing and they are now offering classes in Newark, Delaware. Call 302-743-3115 to try a Free Class. Take a look at this preview below: