7 Week Self Defense Camp Delaware That Rival’s Navy Seals

Ok those are big words but let me quantify. Recently I finished a 7 Week SFA Ccamp with creator Allen J. Sachetti where we trained on Saturday’s for 6 hours (broke into two 3 hour sessions) in 7 different Threat Scenarios.

In fact this 7 Week Self Defense Camp Delaware is the kind of training that Mr. Sachetti has done in the past for Navy Seals, Marines, Army and other Military around the world. What made it different is that this was being done for civilians and it was being done to EXCELLENCE.

In 7 Week Self Defense Camp Delaware you go through 7 Threat Solutions:

#1 – Single Attacker Striking – now this is comprehensive where you learn how to deal with real full force strikes from standing in 3 ranges and then at what he calls Depth from kneeling, sitting and laying with someone stomping on you!! He takes you into the threat and then develops your Instinctive Mind (while you are in the frey) with AMAZING TECHNIQUES that really destroy the attack and then the attacker!!

#2 – Single Attacker Grappling – think of a World Class Wrestler trying to press you with a Greco Roman Clinch or Level Change and Drive in with a Shoot!! That is what we were trained for and in 6 hours, yes 6 hours we could destroy these types of attacks even from very good wrestlers.

#3 – Single Attacker Ground – Here SFA gave me something so much more than BJJ, it gave me the good positions, controls & escapes but showed me how to use my teeth and claws to really destroy a good BJJ guy’s game and dominate him with something that he is completely unable to deal with.

#4 – Single Attacker Knife – Empty Hand Vs. Knife is certainly a big challenge but what we were shown clearly gave us the best chances. Then we went into using the Knife offensively ourselves. We got more than most Military know about this!!

#5 – Single Attacker Pistol – THIS WAS COOL, you learn how to stop the gun from being drawn, take it way as he does and really how to deal with it when the attacker has the gun out and in your face!!

#6 – Multiple Attackers Striking – Ok imagine 3 guys mercilously pounding on you, because that was it. Then once you are in that environment Mr. Sachetti shows you how you can counter the blows coming in and mount an effective offense from there to stop and disable one at a time as you get up. VERY COOL>

#7 – Multiple Attackers Restraining – Mr. Sachetti is the only Instructor I know who is working in this area. We started with 2 people holding us, first standing and then on the ground. Believe it or not the ground was easier. This certainly is tough but SFA has really effective techniques that you can do to destroy this threat as well. I was amazed how good I was able to get in 6 hours on this.

Ok so I quantify my statement. In 7 Weeks training 6 hours each Saturday I honestly can say that you develop a greater skill in these 7 areas than most Military Special Forces do. Keep in mind too most military special forces are training to Move, Shoot & Communicate. They work more with their speciality.

But what we face on the street this SFA Camp hit the nail on the head!! If you want to do SFA you can call them at 302-743-3115 or see their site at www.skill2survive.com

– Ryan Manchester / Corporate Security



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