Do Christians Have The Right To Defend Themselves

The short answer is YES, there are many, many scriptures which speak of this. Of course our main purpose is to Love and Spread The Truth but if we or our loved ones are being directly threatened of course instinctively and immediately we have the right to defend ourselves.

“Blessed Be The Lord My Rock Who Trains My Hands For War My Fingers For Battle” – Psalm 144

This speaks of war of course but there are also many scriptures that speak about not allowing people to harm you or your loved ones and that in fact it is your duty to defend yourself.

Surely being confronted by a vile, evil human being who has no regard for you whatsoever and has no relunctance in attempting to harm you is a very bad experience. You cannot hesitate in this situation to defend your life.

As Christians truly there is nothing better than having Christ in our heart, walking in love, walking in faith and then to face people who are animals is a hard thing. So what does Christ say? I am going to pray about this more and make a post later.

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