Doomsday Preppers Need SFA

If you are a Doomsday Prepper and you spend thousands of dollars for numerous preps like freeze dried food, ammo, firearms, portable tolilets, medical supplies, ect and you DO NOT train your Survival Fighting Instinct, then you have just bought all of those preps for someone else.

Because in a legitimate Doomsday Prepper situation like an EMP, Hyper Inflation, Natural Disasters, Gang Violence, Urban Threats or others YOU WILL BE ATTACKED FOR YOUR PREPS. Especially those who advertise how much they are storing on the TV Show Doomsday Preppers. No offense I love the show, but lets face it there are a lot of people watching.

So if you are a Doomsday Prepper and you are one day attacked for your preps, then all of your preps depend on your INSTINCT at the moment of that attack. That’s right, all you have are your instincts at the moment of the attack and you better be ready.

SFA, The Survival Fighting Axiom is all about this. Developing and maintaining the Instinct, Techniques and Conditioning you need to Fight Back and Defeat threats from evil, human animals who spend their whole lives cultivating hate and unfortunately the instinct and drive to kill in order to take what they want.

If you watch the popular TV Show “Gangland” each week they show so many different street gangs and one thing they all have in common is that all gang members are willing to die for their colors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they cultivate that Instinct. To die before they will give up.

When you are facing evil human animals with that kind of drive and instinct cultivation you MUST be ready and YOU CAN BE. SFA can cultivate in you the Instinct, Technique and Conditioning you need to Fight Back and stop threats like this.

You cannot be a proper Doomsday Prepper and prep for food, weapons, medicine, water and everything else and forget your Instinct? Even if you have weapons but you are not right in your instinct then you will hesitate or not react the right way at the moment of truth and this cannot be. Your children and your family are too precious to loose them because you faced a group of gang members with higher motivation and instinct cultivation.

Soon SFA will be coming to the web with the first of 7 Specific Videos designed to help good, moral people cultivate the Instinct, Technique and Conditioning they need to be True Warriors and ready to protect themselves and their families. It will be at

In the mean time you can read about sfa at

or call the SFA Founder Mr. Allen J. Sachetti at 302-743-3115 and you can learn directly from the creator of SFA. He is available for Seminars & Private Lessons and he teaches classes at Dauntless Martial Arts in Smyrna Delaware.


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