Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Comes To Newark Delaware

The one and only Grand Tuhon of the Pekiti-Tirsia Filipino Combat System came to Newark Delaware to do a 2 day seminar with Mandala Allen J. Sachetti on May 17 and 18th, 2014.

Pekiti-Tirsia is a very unique combat system that is taught to more Military and specifically Elite Special Forces units around the world than any other Martial Art on the planet.

Pekiti-Tirsia is not for play, not for sport. It is for real life and offers perhaps the effective counter offensive solutions for life threatening conflict. Whether you are on the street or in the Battlefield Pekiti-Tirsia is designed to PERFROM. Performance here means destroying the incoming attack against your person and stopping the threat from existing any further.

Pekiti-Tirsia equally destroys strikers, grapplers, edged weapon attacks and ever multiple attackers better than any other system out there. Krav Maga, Karate, Kung Fu, BJJ, MMA are all shadows compared to Pekiti-Tirsia.

To learn Pekiti-Tirsia properly you start with weaponry, specifically the short sword. A single short sword and double short sword. Learning how to swing the short sword in full power, fluid attacks not only develops you edged weapon skill but also your empty hands.

By starting with the short sword you develop first what is the most valuable attribute in any Martial Arts system. FLOW. Flow is the ability not only to deliver powerful strikes but also link the energy of each strike into a continuous motion which can be used to deliver another attack, counter or movement into other application.

Last night I was teaching Pekiti-Tirsia and again I had a new student who was there for his first time. A very nice gentlemen but it was amazing to see how stagnant and dead his energy was. All of his strikes ended leaving him at a loss without any linkage to cover himself or continue into another combination.

When we had him move the sticks again the same problem, he could not really make 1 movement to link into another. It was very difficult for him. Now again please I not saying this person was a bad guy. He actually was a very good guy and a retired Vet but he simply never had picked up a weapon and been taught how to use it properly.

So in a short time we started seeing this understanding of energy become apparent to this new student. When we applied the motions to Dumpag (Pekiti-Tirsia Empty Hands) he was very excited. He could see even more so how we could destroy any of the normal boxing or wrestling attacks that are perhaps most common to people in the US today.

Each one of these attacks were easily destroyed by bisecting lines that not only disrupted the incoming attack but led us into limb destructions, primary strikes and finally finishers with neck breaks. In fact every Dumpag technique that night ended with a neck break.

Well he signed up!! That is great for him of course but I am still confused how there are so many people out there who simply to engage in the experience of facing an opponent who sincerely wants to kill you.

Facing this kind of opponent not only develops you movement, range & timing but also ferocity to deliver crippling blows and finishers. That is Pekiti-Tirsia.

Well guys got to get back to class now and train some more. If you are interested in lessons call me at 302-743-3115 or see my site at

– Mandala Allen J. Sachetti