If You Prep Food, Water & Ammo – Don’t Forget Instinct, Will & Drive

Watching Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo I always see people prepping with Food, Water, Ammo, Medical stuff ect. but there is no one providing the avid Prepper a proper Self Defense Prep.

The Survival Fighting Axiom means the “Truth Of What Works” in Real Fighting and the first thing it cultivates in you is Proper INSTINCT, WILL & DRIVE. Each of these are actually different and SFA enables these important attributes very well.

Instinct – is your reactions at the moment of the attack. Will are your decisions during the attack or in spite of the attack. Drive is your Spirit to continue before, during and after the attack. SFA cultivates them all.

You see without theseĀ 3 attributes not amount of technique or coniditioning will enable a person to truly prevail in a life threatening situation. The worse thing is so many people think they already have them, in fact the person shouting the loudest about how tough he or she is or how much drive they have is usually the one with the least.

The fact is that Instinct, Will and Drive need to be nutured and cultivated like anything else and if you are not spending time doing this, then you won’t be ready when your family needs you or you won’t be as ready and that can be just as worse.

The bottom line is overcoming your attacker, winning, surpressing him and stopping his or her evil assault completely to eliminate any threat to you or your family in the middle of the Fire. Meaning the middle of the attack, the middle of the assault, when you are under fire. If you are not putting yourself in this enviorment ahead of time you cannot say what your instincts will be.

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