Real Self Defense Works When You Are Being Attacked

Real Self Defense

Don’t worry about how many techniques you think you know but start thinking of what the real threats are? How could you be attacked and by how many attackers, in how many different situations?

This will get you looking at attacks but it will not exactly tell you how you will feel when you experience them. The Survival Fighting Axiom allows you to spend quality time in this enviorment while you are instilled with the proper Insticts to react with the proper techniques that work to disable each attack.

Single Assailants attacking

SFA Experiences consist of Single Assailants attacking with Striking, Grappling, Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, Pistols and Mulitple Assailants attacking with Striking, Grabbing to Strike or Restraining to Abduct.

These real life threat experiences are the most common and prevelant. Therefore they deserve most of your time instead of doing Katas, Forms or traditional routines that do not take you through the actual experience of what you are most likely to face in a genuine self defense situation.

If you are looking for a truly viable self defense then call SFA Founder Allen J. Sachetti at 302-743-3115 for some very unique training. He works out of Newark Delaware and also teaches classes at Dauntless Martial Arts in Smyrna Delaware.

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