Self Defense For Women – The Best Self Defense 7 week SFA Camp

Ladies I just finished a 7 week SFA Camp – The Best Self Defense For Women  and let me tell you something, SFA WORKS!!!!!

I was able to develop a confidence and ability to really effectively STOP & DISABLE Larger, Stronger Men from Striking me, trying to grab me or hold me on the Ground!! Then I got good too against a man with a knife or pistol up close. That was tougher but again the SFA Methods used by Allen J. Sachetti REALLY WORK.

SFA is the Survival Fighting Axiom and it was created by Mr. Allen J. Sachetti who is a World Class Fighter that studied many Martial Arts over the years. He also worked as a Bail Agent for 11 Years, A Body Guard, A Close Quarters Combat Instructor for the U.S. & Other Military and was a Private Paramilitary Security in South East Asia.

Mr. Sachetti shows us the difference between a Martial Arts class and SFA. In a Martial Arts class you go each time and learn the A, B, C’s of that art as move along in that curriculum. That’s ok to kind of learn ideas and technique, but in SFA you start by looking at the THREAT. Experiencing what it is like to actually be in different attacks and then you are fed the technique and reactions as you are in the Threat.

THIS IS VERY DIFFERENT. Not to mention SFA techniques are also a lot different than Krav Maga or Karate. They are like nothing else I have seen before and THEY ARE EFFECTIVE.

So I was going through this camp, each time being put in another threat and at first I have to tell you that I was scared. My mind was racing and it was hairy, but you now what that passed in only a few sessions. It’s kind of like I was swimming and got used to the water.

Then Mr. Sachetti started perfecting my technique and reactions as I was in the Threat Experience. I will give him credit, that was hard to do for him, especially for somebody who had never done anything before like me, but he patiently worked each day with over and over again until I got it.

Guys hitting me, trying to take me down, hitting me on the ground or trying to hold me there. All of it was covered until I COULD PERFORM.

Then we worked with the Knife, man that was different. Again nothing like Krav Maga, you never grabbed or tried to block the Knife, no sir!! That stupid stuff will get you killed, but Mr. Sachetti has a way of reacting to Direct The Blade, you guide it or move it and use the energy of each attack to stop and disable the killer who is trying to slice you in half. This definitely is worth the time.

The Pistol in the face was also a rude awakening. DAMN!! All I can say, but soon I was doing that too WITH NO FEAR. You see if the guy wants to shoot you he will, so if he is holding the gun on you and has not shot he does not want you dead, he wants your compliance.

As soon as you understand that you can move to execute really good techniques that take this gun away from him. EVEN ON THE BIG GUYS!! I can tell you I am only a 115 lb woman but I could do it on guys 200 and up!!

It took me a bit longer but following SFA always led me to success. Now SFA is part of my life and I will NOT leave home without it.

So girls if you are looking for the best self defense out there PERIOD, do a 7 Week SFA Hyper Prep Camp, I am telling you man, it is the best. Go to and see all about SFA there. VERY COOL!!

Oh yeah their number is 302-743-3115

– Lisa Jarina / Accountant

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