Surviving & Overcoming A Real Street Attack

Just Yesterday one of my students came to me with a very upsetting story. Apparently he was in a McDonalds with his wife and 3 children. His wife and 2 daughters had entered the McDonalds but he and his little son were outside.

There was a walk way for pedestrians that went across the circular drive through and his little boy only 7 and very short starting walking to the door. As he did a maniac in a truck started BACKING UP in the drive through at about 25 miles a hour!!

My student had to scream, stop, stop and THROW HIS BODY between his son and the oncoming truck. This person stopped with only inches to spar his son’s life. PRAISE GOD FOR THAT.

Then this person got out of the truck to actually complain to my student, he asked in a very angry tone “Whats going on” and my student replied “You almost killed my son!!”, to this the person said “Well your son should’nt have been there” and made a threatening posture towards my student.

HUMAN ANIMALS like this moron who have no remorse in hurting the most innocent child are out there. They are indeed cowards so when they attack they will attack because they feel they have an advantage.

YOU MUST QUICKLY REVEAL TO THEM THEY DO NOT. Obviously my student could have made a case for fearing for his life and defended himself but he was able to walk away as this coward proceeded to SLANDER HIM even more. If however this punk had pursued him into the store he then would have had to react.

My student was blessed this time and may I say to his credit he even prayed for this person after such a shamless act. I know God will bless him for that.

Yet we have to remember that these souless fools are out there and sometimes we will not have the option to walk away. Another student of mine (who was new and not yet trained) a young lady in our local High School was walking out of school when this animal (another girl) grabbed her by the hair from behind and proceeded to beat her over and over again FILIMING IT FOR YOU TUBE!!

This young girl took several shots to the head and because she was not yet trained in how to react when someone grabs you by the hair, she did not know how to deal with the situation. After the beating this young girl was terribly shamed and the coward who attacked her from behind posted everything on you tube like she was some hero. I am sad to say that the young lady who was the victim did not ever go back to that school as she was not encouraged to deal with the negative slander to face this person and the event, but instead shut down terribly.

Her attacker was a heavy set girl with a lot of hate in her heart who was known for violence but her methods of attack where always the most cowardly seeking to grab a hold or strike a person when they were completely unaware.

The fact is that the young lady who was a victim really was capable of kicking this other girls butt, yet she never was encouraged to rise back up, get back on the horse and face this person.

Remember this, this is how cowards attack. They do not stand face to face often and if they do they will only attack if they feel an advantage or should I say a WEAKNESS. Train yourself now NEVER to show weakness, even it is a lie if it is perserved evil people will react with instinct to attack.

That’s right weakness, perceived or real will ignite the instinct of those who are truly evil with hearts filled with hate to attack. Remember that, so how do we train ourselves now not to project this?

CALL ME 302-743-3115, THAT IS WHAT I DO. I have dealt with evil people before too and I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt or even compassion but to their foolish eyes this was perceived only as weakness and it invited these cowards to become aggressive. Once doing so the REALITY of me quickly revealed to them they were wrong  but much conflict could have avoided if I had not given the wrong impression to begin with.

We are facing very bad times ahead, the dollar collasping, hyperinflation and there are people in our society who are really evil with an immense amount of hatred and malice in their hearts. So no matter how much Doomsday Prepping you do if you have not prepared your “Battle Sense”, “Warrior Instinct” & “Fight Drive” you will be at a terrible loss, no matter what weapons or techniques you think you have.

The Fire Of The Fight is like nothing else. To experience the fury of a vile, hate filled, human animal baragging you over and over again from a position of advantage or even hurting your children. Remember cowards are more dangerous than Brave Men. Brave men have honor, cowards do not. They attack only from behind, unseen or when they think they have a distinct advantage, even to hurt children.

So we must train now not only to protect ourselves but also to protect our precious children and those who are weaker than ourselves. Call me or check out my web site at

Allen J. Sachetti

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