The Right Self Defense For Serious Doomsday Preppers

SFA / The Survival Fighting Axiom is a Unique Principle Based Process that enables individuals with absolutely the most viable and effective self defense on the planet. It accomplishes this by taking students through different threat situations while at the same time providing them with the proper combat solutions they need to overcome and conquer these threats.

The Survival Fighting Axiom begins by enabling you with Instinct, Technique & Condtioning. Instinct is curical as SFA hones yours in the actual experience itself. The Technique is only the most effective, combat proven material taken from a life time of study and the Conditioning process is superb, taking even the worst out of shape person to develop them at their own pace but never giving up.

SFA is designed specifically for the Doomsday Prepper as it entertains only fighting for your life. “Survival” is the focus against single attackers, multiple attackers, armed and unarmed in a variety of different enviormental and situation circumstances.

A truly Elite Experience SFA fits right into the Doomsday Preppers agenda and can accomidate any scenario an avid Prepper can imagine. Fighting in a bunker, close quarters kinves & edged weapons, a gang of people determined to steal your preps or armed Military Incursions. All is covered practically and effectively in the Axiom.

SFA Training can now be had by individuals or groups directly from it’s founder Mr. Allen J. Sachetti in weekend seminars, private lessons and longer Training Camps. SFA is only about the results we can develop in people while there is still time to prepare.

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A lifetime of study and experience with a singular drive to “Learn What Works” in real life conflicts against all types of threats in all circumstances and enviorments is what led Mr. Allen J. Sachetti to create SFA.

Mr. Sachetti began his career training in a variety of Martial Arts in the 80’s but in 1991 he had the blessing to begin his training in Pekiti-Tirsia directly under Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje where he achieved the rank of Mandala. In 1994 Mr. Sachetti began learning BJJ from the legendary Rickson Gracie. Throughout the 90’s he continued with numerous Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and other instructors as he pursued fighting in NHB & Vale Tudo competitons before it was ever called MMA.

Spending a lifetime in combat sports was fun but Mr. Sachetti always came back to his Pekiti-Tirsia roots and it’s stressing of only training for Combat or Survival Fighting. Then in 2009 He began training in KFM with Justo Dieguez and Andy Norman to become their business partner in the United States with a company called KFM-SBS where Mr. Sachetti was charged with running KFM in the US. While Mr. Sachetti speaks very well of KFM he went to leave the organization in 2011 and pursue his own training ideas which went beyond many of the things he was previously doing.

The focus for Allen Sachetti was always “What Works Best” in all situations. Surely a large bill to fill but he pursued it relentlessly. So finally in 2012 after a lifetime of study, training and application he created SFA. The Survival Fighting Axiom which is not a Martial Art but in fact a Principle Based Process designed only to enable students with the results of Courage, Confidence and Capability.

The SFA process can help improve any Martial Art but it goes far beyond a system of study as it enables you with a in depth understanding of real fighting & battlefield combat.

For those without experience it gives them an understanding into a world they would otherwise have no clue of. Those with combat or fighting experience find it amazing as it rings true to what they know and goes even beyond to provide more than they expected.

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