Uniquely Effective Self Defense Module In Newark, Delaware On June 14th at 11:00 am

SFA, The Survival Fighting Axiom will be conducting a self defense module for Single Attackers Striking you from a variety of ranges and depths on Saturday, June 14th, 2014 in Newark Delaware.

SFA is a uniquely effective self defense process that is threat based. This means that SFA recreates the actual threat experience and puts you in it. Once in the threat you feel the stress and duress of the confrontation and from there SFA develops within you the Instinct to react with very unique techniques that literally DESTROY the incoming attack to your person.

This SFA process produces a FUNCTIONAL ability for real life, real speed attacks that you can experience on the street, in a home invasion, from a gang or other assault.

The thing to remember about real life attacks is that they will never happen when you are ready or when you are expecting them. Real malicious attackers of truly evil intent will try to attack when they feel they have the greatest advantage. They look for what they perceive as weakness or advantage in their favor.

Then once they attack they do so in a very evil and vicious manner trying to inflict upon you the most damage possible and if possible death. Are you ready for a evil, vicious human animal? Have you faced that intent and ferocity? Have you faced it on a regular basis so that you are no longer shocked by it and in fact become comfortable with it?

SFA can not only do that for you but take you beyond feeling comfortable and instead make that a trigger for you to REACT with a viable, effective COUNTER ATTACK that literally destroys the incoming attack and turns the vicious human animal into a scared little girl groveling at your feet. YES YOU CAN DO IT!!

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE THE VICTIM!! You can become strong, capable and competent!! All you have to do is attend consistently the SFA Process and you will have this ability.

We are Taking Ground in SFA!! Each day honing better instincts, developing higher endurance and perfecting excellent skills!!

Call us at 302-743-3115 or see us at: www.skill2survive.com

or www.survivalfightingaxiom.com