Whats The Difference Between Combat Sports & Survival Fighting

Combat Sports and Survival Fighting

These 2 terms are used to describe an important difference in Martial Arts today. Combat Sports have rules, weight classes and usually referees. They are practiced only with a certain body of techniques allowed and have other techniques that are illeagal. While Combat Sports practicioners can certainly train hard and challenge themselves they are restricted within certain perameters and safety measures in place to keep opponents from truly harming or finishing each other beyond recovery.

Survival Fighting is when you must fight for your life. In other words if you stop fighting or fail to use techniques that will disable and damage your opponent severely enough to stop them from fighting that you will die.

Survival Fighting is what you need for Self Defense. It cultivates the Warrior Instinct, Proper Techniques And Physical Conditioning that you need to actually be ready when you are attacked. Unfortunately in this world the question is not if you can be attacked but when.

Instinct is how you react at the moment of the attack. Everyone thinks they will react a certain way but the truth is you are never ready and you asking to imagine how you will reaction to something that will most likely be a complete surprise and could be causing more damage or pain than you have experienced before.

Technique is something that requires time. People who are introduced to a Technique and know it exists have Knowledge of it. Persons who have practiced it for a period time may gain some proficiency but only persons who have done a technique so much that it is part of their being will they reach the level of Precision.

Conditioning is a life style that must be maintained. Endurance, Speed, Strength and other physical attributes can be developed seperately outside of technique but developing them with Technique Specific Conditioning Drills makes sure you have the Shape you need to PERFORM when you need to.

These are the things I believe in Instinct, Technique and Conditioning. That is why I have spent my life time to develop the Survival Fighting Axiom which is not a Martial Art but a Process that takes you through Threat Experiences until you develop a competent performance ability.

– Allen J. Sachetti


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