Women Self Defense – SFA is a Unique Self Defense Course For Women

Women Self Defense –  Fighting Axiom

SFA The Survival Fighting Axiom probably provides the best Self Defense course for women who do not have a lot of time to devote to their training. I say “Best” because it is the most comprehensive and effective in that it takes you through a variety of experiences standing, sitting, kneeling, laying in different enviorments and it uses only the most effective techniques that will work for you even if the attacker is much bigger and stronger.

Plus SFA really provides you the Instinct & Spirit you need to deal with real attack situations but putting you through the experiences before hand. You learn right away what it feels like and then you see what works and what does’nt.

The techniques they teach you are AMAZING and if you can practice them againg and again. I wish I did SFA a long time ago!!

Debra Valdez

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